Transforming Open Spaces Study

In April 2015, The Big Lottery Fund in Wales earmarked funding for a potential new programme to be developed around transforming open spaces in an environmentally sustainable way that brings together community members across all sectors. To inform and shape this potential Programme, with the working title Transforming Open Spaces, they commissioned the BRO Partnership to undertake a scoping study.

The study set out to gather robust evidence from relevant projects and programmes in Wales and worldwide, and capture the input of stakeholders and experts in order to develop and propose models for its delivery.

The study identified good practice and lessons learned from the research which was distilled to a set of key principles that are fundamental to the success of transformational community and environmental projects, namely:

  • Meaningful Community Engagement and Involvement – Purposeful Participation
  • Robust Transparent Partnership and Collaboration
  • Sound Evidence-based Decision Making
  • Recognising Needs and Opportunities
  • Holistic Approaches to Coherent Delivery of Multiple Benefits
  • Creating Connectivity
  • Complementing and Augmenting Wider Programmes and Initiatives
  • Strategic Planning, Effective Timescales and Phased Delivery
  • Flexibility in Funding and Delivery
  • Ensuring Future Sustainability
  • Effective Learning and Delivery Support
  • Dedicated Knowledgeable Personnel
  • Innovative Monitoring and Measurement of Outcomes and Impact

The summary document can be downloaded here.

For the full document, please contact BRO at