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WRTW gives residents of Duffryn the opportunity to influence the regeneration of their woodland area.  The environmental work will create a safer more useable woodland for the enjoyment of all.  Play sessions supported by Play Workers will involve children and families in using the green spaces for outdoor play opportunities.  The Laundry Allotment and Sensory Gardens will provide a beautiful environment that will host community events and engage local volunteers.

Woodland Routes to Wellbeing provides opportunities for residents to make an impact on their environment, improve fitness and wellbeing, improve employability and influence the development of the project. 

By taking part in this project volunteers can improve their skills, access accredited training, improve their physical and mental wellbeing.  The volunteering and training will take place in Duffryn Woodlands, Duffryn Green Space, the Laundry at Tredegar House, and the Forest Family Centre.

Who’s involved?

Woodland Routes to Wellbeing is delivered in partnership with Duffryn Community Link (lead organisation), Keep Wales Tidy, Growing Space and National Trust. 
As the lead organisation, Duffryn Community Link is responsible for managing and coordinating the project.  All partners aim to work for the residents of Duffryn and neighbouring areas by bringing together community groups, local authority, voluntary sector and other organisations in a common effort to advance education and provide social welfare facilities for leisure and recreation with the object of improving the conditions of life for residents.   

As one of Wales’s leading community-based and educational environmental charities lead on the woodland regeneration, Keep Wales Tidy empower volunteers to take part in the project and share responsibility for transforming the overgrown woodland into valuable community assets.

National Trust and Growing Space has extended the current community growing area and transformed a disused area of ground adjacent to the Laundry building at Tredegar House, into a thriving accessible food growing space. There are three growing areas which have volunteering opportunities to individuals and groups.

Growing Space is a registered mental health charity, providing real work skills and a support network to help adults with mental ill-health reach goals and improve their quality of life.  They do this by providing training along with a work-based learning programme leading to accreditation. This aspect of the project will be delivered in the beautiful grounds of Tredegar House.

6K Additional Funding has been secured by DCL for WRTW staff to complete training in delivering Mindfulness. We have also further supported Tredegar Park Primary School by securing part of this funding to replace the bridge and viewing platform in the Tredegar Park Primary Forest School.  Keep Wales Tidy will complete the building with volunteers.  The opportunity to be able to offer Mindfulness sessions in the woodland will support people of all ages wellbeing. 

As part of Newport City Council Green and Safe Network, Woodland Routes to Wellbeing has been included as a case study in Newport’s Green and Safe Offer document and promoted as an example of best practice. It demonstrates delivery of Newport’s Wellbeing Plan under the Green and Safe intervention. It has been included in a collaborative film, showcasing partnership working in Newport. This has been showcased on a range of partner websites and used as a case study in Public Health Wales annual report, under the Healthy Homes, Places and Spaces section. It is widely recognised by the Green and Safe network and associated partners as a successful project, that could be learnt from and replicated across Newport

The Laundry gardens at Tredegar House have been completed during year two. This area now includes; new community growing beds which are being utilized by community volunteers, a sensory garden which can be enjoyed by people who are blind or partially sighted and a garden of tranquility which can be used by people experiencing periods of poor mental health. The Laundry gardens are now established as a model of organic growing, using companion planting to deter pests and attract beneficial insects.  As a consequence of careful planting the gardens are developing as a place that is biodiverse and sustainable.  We have donated the produce to our volunteers, the Duffryn Food Bag and the Growing Space shop to support local enterprise. The Laundry and allotments were featured in the National Trust Autumn 2019 article regarding the transformation of the Old Laundry.  The magazine has a readership of 5.5 million memberThe Open Access Play sessions have gone from strength to strength engaging with youngsters from the Duffryn Estate. The day long woodland activities delivered by Duffryn Community Link and Keep Wales Tidy involved the children in open access play, woodland management and wildlife identification.  The day was named by one of the young Community Champions as Fun Day Monday.  It was such a success that we will be delivering the sessions over the end of term holidays.

  • Continued plan of works for woodlands creating further pathways, activity zones and development of Rabbit Hill.
  • Continue delivery of open access play sessions, creating links to the woodland and green spaces.
  • Recruitment drive on volunteers with training and skills-building programme
  • Range of woodland and wellbeing activities delivered in woodland, green spaces and laundry.
  • Continued development of networks and partnerships to support and enhance the project

Woodland Routes to Wellbeing