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Roots to Shoots is concerned with projects that will conserve, create or enhance outdoor spaces within the Brymbo community and surrounding areas.

Outdoor spaces might be areas like woodlands, parks, allotments, waterways, areas of under- used ex-industrial land or other spaces identified by the community. The space could be transformed through a mix of projects or approaches, led by the local community and other partners that seek to improve the area’s natural environment creating both educational and recreational opportunities that engage and empower the community fostering a sense of community pride.

We’re trying to connect people with spaces that are on their doorsteps by using the theme of brownfield sites that can’t be developed for housing or commercial use.

Who’s involved?

The projects will be delivered collaboratively with the following key stakeholders:

  • Brymbo Heritage Trust
  • Brymbo Development Ltd
  • Wrexham County Borough Council
  • Brymbo Community Council
  • Broughton Community Council
  • Brymbo Mineral Railway
  • Friends of Moss Valley
  • Brynteg Community House
  • Broughton Heritage Group
  • Brymbo Angling Association
  • Brymbo & Tan-Y-Fron Trust
  • Natural Resources Wales
  • Enfys Ecology
  • Tidy Wales
  • Groundwork
  • BHT has three Ecology Management Plans commissioned through Enfys Ecology to help direct and guide the environmental developments and advise/inform staff/volunteers/external contractors on seasonal work activities.
  • Since the inception of CYS we have increased our community engagement activities with open days, themed events, (e.g. Brymbo Rocks) making the site available for educational visits and special interest group visits
  • The Fossil Forest has international, regional and local recognition and significance to the vision for BHT – since the introduction of our palaeontologist staff member, visitors’ numbers to the site have increased which in turn has increased volunteer numbers
  • Through the mix of activities above volunteer numbers generally have increased and are engaged in a range of activities from tour guides, catering and bar work, site works and environmental management, ecology work (Great Crested Newts, Bees)
  • Working with WCBC and Brymbo Community Council delivering a regular programme of play provision in the evenings and during school holidays
  • Identify the opportunities that exist within BHT for the delivery of renewable energy (e.g Solar Farm) and raising awareness to key stakeholder partners of BHT’s potential as a local community renewable hub
  • Land and buildings transfer licence/lease agreements between Brymbo Heritage Trust and Brymbo Development Ltd, Wrexham County Borough Council, Brymbo Community Council, Broughton Community Council
  • Utilisation of the Wonderbank, a spoil heap for the installation of a Solar farm providing direct energy to the Brymbo Heritage site which will contribute to future sustainability
  • Consideration of taking ownership and management of the Lodge Valley Park reconnecting communities with Brymbo utilising old pathways and railway trackways.
  • Using ex-industrial steelworks land develop an ecology park which preserves and enhances the amphibian, animal and insect populations as well as trees, flora and fora for both educational and recreational visitors
  • Working with Brymbo Mineral Railway develop a narrow-gauge railway on the former steelworks site that follows the on-site routeways of the Brymbo steelworks standard gauge railway which was a prominent feature of the landscape
  • Development of buildings such as the machine shop, foundry, pattern makers workshop, agents house, blast colliery into financially viable heritage-related attractions demonstrated through enterprising activity, business and financial planning
  • Using those key planning documents to identify other supporting funding and grant opportunities to help develop the visions for Brymbo and the surrounding communities
  • Working with partners continue to develop the Brymbo Heritage Trust provision of educational/recreational and volunteering opportunities that can link into and contribute to the Wales Health and Wellbeing Act.

Roots to Shoots