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The Cwlwm Seiriol project was developed to create opportunities for people living within the Seiriol Ward of south-east Anglesey to connect with the natural environment in mutually beneficial ways.
The purpose of the programme is to enable communities to make positive and sustainable changes to their local natural environment.

By 2023 the project hopes to achieve the following:

  • Communities within the Seiriol Ward feel more confident and committed to managing their local green spaces
  • There is greater cohesion within local communities with local residents, community groups, landowners and businesses having been actively involved in the project
  • The Seiriol ward has fully restored and managed open spaces linked by a network of habitat corridors and footpaths
  • Communities draw greater benefit from their open spaces in relation to physical and mental well-being

Who is involved?

The lead partner in the project is Menter Môn. Menter Môn is a social enterprise which works across north Wales to deliver a range of regeneration, environmental and cultural projects for the benefit of local communities. 

There are two other partners in the project PONT and Coed Cymru. PONT works with individuals and organizations to introduce an appropriate grazing regime for wildlife, on individual sites and at a local and regional level.

Coed Cymru‘s main aim is to improve landscapes that include trees and woodlands in Wales. Their staff provide advice and support, access to innovation and grant aid. 

  • Friends of Cwlwm Seiriol group established
  • Formation of a local action group in Llandegfan
  • Volunteers recruited and actively involved in carrying out management tasks on the 3 local nature reserves
  • Coppice Crafts Festival established and will take place annually in March
  • Woodland Open Day at Aberlleiniog – this event has happened twice in 2018 and 2019
  • A group of semi-feral Carneddau ponies have been bought and are being used for conservation grazing within the project area
  • A 6-week Health Walks pilot programme took place
  • Local people have learnt how to coppice native trees and use the willow and hazel to make baskets and hazel hurdles
  • Volunteers have received training in traditional skills including stone pitching and using a scythe
  • Talks about the importance of pollinators and roadside verges have taken place
  • A Bioblitz took place
  • More talks – Wildflower Meadows, Otter and Water Vole Conservation – Menai Rivers project
  • More walks
  • Continuing with the programme of conservation tasks
  • New Woodland Health and Wellbeing Programme
  • Training courses in First Aid & Forestry, Chainsaw Maintenance & Crosscutting, Brushcutter/Strimmer/Tool Maintenance
  • Formation of two other local action groups – Llanddona & Llangoed

Cwlwm Seiriol